Art Imitates Life.

What else can be said when it comes to movies? We love them we hate them, but we can relate to them as well. We all have our collection of favorite movies that we just love to see over and over again. I know that I have my genres of many movies that I have locked up in my head that I can name but that would be the whole article. I guess you can say that I have many favorites and it is definitely hard to choose from all of them. How can any movie buff choose from all the great movies that are out there?

Couch PotatoAs children we all have our own unique stories as to how we were raised by our parents. As for myself I was giving the opportunity to zone out and watch as many movies I wanted to. No I wasn’t your average couch potato or fat kid I watched all kinds of movies and learned from them.

I loved certain genres so much that one time my mom hired a corporate events limo service to drive me and my friends to the movies on my birthday in my younger years. These genres consisted of comedy and horror at the time. My mother also introduced me to many old classic movies that came out way before I was born. I shared many favorite movies and genres with my coworkers, friends and family. Even to the point where

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