Movie Stars & Us

We all love movies and the actors and actresses that star in them, but do you ever wonder what goes through their minds when they are in character? Sometimes we forget that they are human beings and have a life of their own. It is hard to do a job when you have so much going on in your personal life. This goes for every one including the movie stars. The fact that they have families and issues of their own does mean that they are humans just like us regular folk.


Most of us work a 9 to 5 job and handle everyday tasks we basically live a “normal” life. Wether you do wedding catering, drive for uber or work as a local plumber, there are markets to serve. The same goes for these movie stars, they get up, they work and handle their business. The only real difference is being able to hire assistants to take care of simple task. It is easy to flex your power and muscle when you are a star in any industry. Having deep pockets does not hurt either.

We would love to have the same muscle and flex some influence around when we needed things done. Be honest who wouldn’t want a team to handle your daily tasks, unfortunately not all folks are that lucky or ambitious. Take a look at all these movie stars and really dig deep.

Sometimes having it all can put you in a weird situation. Some of these movie stars are not really happy with their lives and not happy with the people in it. Don’t be fooled they go through the same things us common folk deal with everyday. Luckily they have buffers in between to soften the blow of life.

We look at all the money, the fame, the power, the success, but behind all the star power and glamour there is a story. It takes dedication and hard work to be able to live that kind of life. Nothing is ever given to you, we all have to work hard and put in the reps to be successful. For the folks who have become legends in Hollywood, they did just that, put in the time and dedication.

So if you ever find yourself envious of the life they live, maybe you should be questioning your work ethic. It’s simple to some people, “They live the glamorous lifestyle, while we live normal one”. We share the same thing in life, brains and heart so if you want to be than normal put in the work.

Just because a person has fame and money doesn’t mean they don’t go through the same issues we do. They just have more attention focused on them than you and I. Every time we see these movie stars on the screen we see them in character.

We don’t know what personal problems or inner demons they are facing on a daily basis. I guess you can say that the major difference is being famous and having deep bankroll. Their job is to entertain us, and share their talents with world. Our job is to just keep living our life and surviving.

So please keep in mind you might want all the fame and fortune but it could be at a cost. There are influential in the world that have fortune’s but prefer to fly under the radar. Maybe that is the road you would want to go down.