Favorite Movie of All Time

CarrieDo you remember that first movie that you saw with either your Mom or Dad? It could have been any kind of horror, action, classic movie. Once you were introduced to that particular movie it last forever. As you get older and watch that same movie over and over again it brings you back to the first time you laid eyes on it. I clearly remember the first time I seen Carrie and how she burnt the roof off that gym. That was a classic scene and it lived with me forever.

I was just 8 years old when my mother introduced me to a Horror classic, Carrie. It was customary for my Mother and I to watch movies together on Friday nights. I loved the connection that we shared when we would watch movies together. Little did she know this movie would have a profound effect on me as a 8 year old. She popped on the cable box and I saw movie titled “CARRIE”.

Carrie played by Sissy Spacek, was about a recluse girl who had telekinesis and was tormented by her female classmates. It was made in 1979 and based on a Steven King novel. I asked my mother what the movie was about, but she kept telling me to just watch. So I did and I was immediately sucked into the story line. I must say though Carrie is somewhat of a raw flick. I’m not sure if I would sit with my Son or Daughter and watch this movie.

I was surprised at some of the content I was allowed to watch at a young age. There was some nudity and adult themed conversations. Some of the dialogue was hard to understand but my mother explained it to me. I didn’t understand why the girls were being so mean to Carrie and I kept asking mother why? I felt for Carrie and I remember telling my mother how I felt.

This movie had my emotions all over the place because it was disgusting, mean, and sad how she was being treated. My mother never said to me what kind of movie it was either so I had the impression that it was a sad drama about a girl being bullied.

It was at that moment when I started feeling the intensity the ending. I was happy Carrie was going to prom but as a 8 year old I was still confused. Like why was her Mother so mad and so aggressive with her? Also why she didn’t want her to go to prom?

I love that famous scene when Carrie and Tommy were are at prom and they snagged prom king and queen. I was excited for Carrie especially after all the bullying that was going around. I felt that something big was about to happen and happen soon. I kept asking my mother what was going to happen and I remember she said that everyone is going to get what they deserve.

Isn’t that funny, my Mother was more excited than I was.

I didn’t understand until the blood poured on Carrie and she had that look of death in her eyes. She used her powers to kill everyone everyone in that gym, no one was safe. I was officially terrified and I believed that Carrie would come for me to. Sounds crazy bet hey! I was 8 years old and watching a Horror flick involving a crazy girl with powers burn them poor people up.

As for her mother the way she was acting gave me more nightmares. Not only was she was creepy and scary but she was acting as if God was telling her things. I certainly had a couple of bad dreams, I slept with my mom for about two weeks. I know embarrassing bet hey I was really young. Now that I’m an adult I still watch Carrie and get goosebumps watching certain scenes. I guess it’s the kid in me. Carrie favorite horror movie of all time!